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What makes it even greater is the fact that they are indeed twins, but have different bodies.

  • Husband Daniel also took part, but like usual, he seemed uncomfortable as hell.

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  • And now my mom won't be here to see my baby because she'll be in Los Angeles.

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Stay positive: Kathy urged her daughters to stay positive and remember the past eight 'beautiful' months they'd had together, which they might never have again As a sweet farewell, Nikki and Artem asked Brie and Birdie's favorite ice cream truck to stop by their home with popsicles.

  • She went to live in Montreal with her mother when she was only two months old as her parents got separated.

  • Delighted, she and Artem took a test run to their hospital there, trying to imagine how everything would go on the day she went into labor.

  • Thankfully for now, we have The Bellas.