Tips on Getting to the Poconos by Air and Land

This local guide helps you find the best ways to get here. Weather you're coming by air - which airports are the best bet, using public transportation - including bus service, and help navigating the various travel tools at your disposal.

Best Ways to Get Here...

Getting to the Poconos by air and airport, bus and ground transportation.

For such a large area, covering four counties and 2400 square miles, it's interesting to note that there are no major airports within the confines of the Poconos.

There are, however, a number of International and Regional airports that are on the peripheral edges - and those serving metro New York. Bus service is also available from both Philadelphia and New York City for those who don't own a car.


Getting to the Poconos

Airports that surround the Poconos include:
Newark - EWR
La Guardia - LGA
Allentown - ABE
Scranton/Wilkes-Barre - AVP

My favorite is Newark, since most major cities in the US fly non-stop. And while Allentown and Scranton may be closer in miles to your final destination, the extra time involved in transfers and stop-overs actually ends up taking more time. There are exceptions, however, check to see if your local airport has any carriers that fly non-stop to Allentown or Scranton. If there are, compare prices and then factor in schedules, flight times, and aircraft.

By bus: The Trailways Martz lines service the Poconos from both NYC and Philadelphia.

By Car: Interstates 80 from East of West, I-84 from New England, I-83 from North or South - Also I-95 to the NE extension of the PA turnpike will get you here, too. Of course, maps at Google or MapQuest or your GPS will give you the best directions (normally).

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