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Gilbert Bougainvillea

Violet grants his wish and performs the task; however, after writing the letters and returning back to the post office, she is paid a visit by Hodgins, who is unsure of something.

  • The information shown in the infobox matches the descriptions found in the light novels and is correct, even if the image of the character does not match.

  • Just as snow covered the autumn lands, the silver make-up melted down before anyone realized and young leaves sprouted from it, I also changed.

  • Gilbert also told Hodgins to tell Violet that he was dead, but Hodgins didn't have the heart to tell her at first.

Gilbert Bougainvillea

Hodgins then arrives and tells her that Gilbert had entrusted her care to him in case anything happened to Gilbert.

  • The next day, Violet and Luculia are assigned to practice their actual ghostwriting skills on each other.

  • A Prussian-blue jacket, a white ribbon-tie dress and cocoa-brown boots that could be deemed as brand-new.

  • Illuminated by the Sun as it emerged from the clouds, drops of the rain that had fallen on the previous night were emitting a transparent shine.