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  • She first married Jeff Colt, in the year 1995, and they got divorced in 1998.

  • As a teenager, she moved from dance and into acting.

  • That makes three homes for Simon in the area, counting Manhattan and Montauk, Long Island.

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When she was little, she saw the nutcracker and after that decided she really wanted to learn ballet.

  • Meanwhile, Disney has found a new synergistic way to promote its own bad movies.

  • Her biggest role to date is the horror moves series Scream, which made her a lot of money.

  • Of course, Disney without either Miramax or Pixar in the fold is bad enough, but without both? No, he's not slated to perform at either the Bette Midler and friends show at Radio City or the Barbra Streisand event in Los Angeles.