Bald Eagles in the Poconos

Over 150 bald eagles visited our area last winter, and, fortunately, these numbers are increasing every year.

Bald eagle watching has become very popular seasonal activity in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The Upper Delaware River Valley, the Lackawaxen River and Shohola's Recreation Area are special spots for sightings from January through March when the waters are not frozen.

The eagles migrate south from Maine and parts of Canada to reach open waters in which to feed.

Our area provides an ideal habitat with clean water and undisturbed land with lots of food and large trees in which to roost, perch and nest.

Eagle Watch on the Delaware River

Eagle Watch

In years past, it was almost impossible to sight an eagle in this part of the country. Use of pesticides, hunting and loss of habitat by human development drove the eagles from this area.

The Bald Eagle Act of 1940 and recent efforts by the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area have created a promising environment for the eagles to return.

Restoration programs and efforts to keep the water clean and the fish and food supply abundant have provided suitable conditions for eagles.

For the best way to observe these magnificent birds, the Eagle Institute has partnered with the Delaware Highlands Conservancy to offer guided tours: Eagle Institute

Pennsylvania Game Commission
Shohola Recreation Area, off Route 6 Shohola, PA

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area
Milford Beach
Dingmans Ferry
Smithfield Beach

Northeastern Pennsylvania Audubon (NEPA)
PO Box 711
Honesdale, PA 18431

To report eagle sightings, injured or dead bald eagles in Northern Pennsylvania, please call or contact:

Pennsylvania Game Commission - 570-675-1143

National Park Service ~ Northeast Region
800-228-0789 570-675-1143

To report sick or injured bald eagles in Pennsylvania, call:
Delaware Valley Raptor Center
Milford, PA 18337
Delaware Valley Raptor Center also offers educational programs for a fee.

For more information about threatened and endangered species, visit:

U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Division of Endangered Species

Field guides, maps and reference books are available from the National Park Service:

Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River
RR2 Box 2428
Beach Lake, PA 19\8405-9739

Bald Eagle Fact Sheet