Poconos Guide to Sports and Recreational Activities

Local Guide to Sports and Recreational Activities in the Poconos: Includes all Fall Sports like horseback riding, golfing, hiking, tennis, fishing, whitewater rafting, mountain biking, paintball and many more.

Poconos Recreation Guide

Enjoy outdoor fun with lots to choose from: golfing, fishing, horseback riding, tennis, hiking.

The Northeast has its own theme park - it's called the Poconos. Winter weekend recreational activities abound in the Poconos. And, best of all, you can still enjoy yourself with no long lines to stand in.

Enjoy hiking, ATV and motor sports through the areas State Parks and Recreational Areas. Go horseback riding through pristine forests and meadows. Indoor and outdoor water parks? Several to choose from.

Many of the well-known resorts in the Poconos have their own recreational facilities right on the property - so not to worry about driving - just steps away from your room. Golf, hiking an biking, boating and much more.


Sports and Recreation Guide

Poconos horseback riding stables - Deer Path Riding Stables

Here are a few of the most popular pages/sections: Be sure to scroll down the page to see the entire list.

Horseback Riding - come on Wilbur, get Carol and let's have some fun.

Golf, Golfing and Golf Courses - higher elevation, interesting terrain, historic courses, etc.

Water Parks - indoor water parks keep the chill outside and wet and wild fun inside.

Whitewater Rafting - also good for canoeing, kayaking, tubing and family rafting.

Fishing - stocked ponds, lakes and stream. Outfitters and schools.

Other Info - Additionally, you'll find other recreational information including: ATV and dirt biking, bowling, mountain biking, paintball, skateboarding, tennis, hiking, water skiing and jet skis, and you can view all the winter sports and activities by scrolling down further on this page.

Poconos Recreation Guide Sections

The Pocono Mountains offer lots of recreational activities for you and your family to enjoy. Just a short trip from New York City, Northern New Jersey, Philadelphia or Connecticut brings you to our beautiful mountains with breathtaking views, the spectacular Delaware River, challenging ski areas, world-famous resorts, championship golf courses, and relaxed country living.

The plentiful nature trails are suited for hiking, mountain biking, snowmobiling, bird watching, horseback riding, and even ATV and dirt biking. Our State Parks offer camping, picnic areas, and lakes for boating, fishing or swimming. The spectacular Delaware and Lehigh Rivers invite you to exhilarating whitewater rafting and "back to nature" trips by canoe, tube, raft or kayak.

Other attractions include bowling, inline skating and skate boarding, water skiing and jet skiing. Paintball, water parks and mini-golf are also very popular. Just remember, whatever the season, there's always a reason to visit the Poconos

Adventure Center at Whitewater Challengers is a featured Poconos Whitewater Rafting Outfitter on Pocono Vacations.

Skiing in the Poconos of Pennsylvania Poconos Skiing - Since the Poconos is just a few hours drive from NYC and Philadelphia, the area has become quite popular over the years with skiers. Several ski resorts are first-rate. This site lists them all, so find the one that suits you best - [more]

Snow Boarding in the Poconos Poconos Snow Boarding - Snow boarding has come a long, long way from the "snurfing" days - and so have the terrain parks and features that allow for awesome adventure. Here are the resources for all you boarders - trails, equipment, outfitters, and more: - [more]

Snow Tubing in the Poconos Poconos Snow Tubing - Great fun awaits on a snow tube. Most ski resorts provide for them, and several of the resort in the Poconos offer them as part of their vacation package. Here's more about snow tubing in the Poconos - [more]

Snowmobiling in the Poconos Poconos Snowmobiling - Most of the State Parks in the Poconos have trails that allow snowmobiles. Also, several of the major resorts in the Poconos offer them as part of their vacation package - [more]

Cross Country Skiing in the Poconos Poconos Cross Country Skiing - Before Bowflex, there was NordicTrack - before that, there was the real thing. Discover how invigorating a workout with cross country skis can be. Plus, there is the added bonus of taking in all that marvelous scenery - [more]

Eagle Watch in the Poconos Poconos Eagle Watch - Interesting nature fact: The upper Delaware River is the winter home to the largest gathering of Bald Eagles in North America. If you're patient, you'll see these wonders fishing the river. A sight to be held - [more]

Whitewater Rafting in the Poconos Whitewater Rafting in the Poconos - Poconos Whitewater Rafting: represents some of the best rivers and rapids in the northeast. From the mostly calm and easy flowing Delaware River to the class II and III rapids of the Lehigh River, you'll experience not only great rafting, but spectacular scenery a great chance to gulp up incredibly fresh air - a thrill - [more]

poconos ATV and Power Sports including motocross ATV and dirt biking in the Poconos - There are lots of trails and places you can bring your ATV and dirt bike to - legally. There are also businesses in the area that emphasize these types of activities. - [more]

Poconos sailing and boating Boating in the Poconos - Home to Pennsylvania's largest man-made lake, the Poconos is a wonderful place to get some boating action in. So, whether you sail or power, you can find places to bring your boat or rent one - [more]

bowling in the Poconos Bowling in the Poconos - This directory lists all the places in the Poconos where you can go bowling - great for a rainy day. - [more]

poconos fishing Fishing in the Poconos - There's some exciting fishing in store for you in the Poconos. Stocked lakes, ponds and trout streams are all over the place. There's even a museum you can visit. - [more]

poconos golfing Golfing in the Poconos - With higher elevations and interesting terrain, the Poconos has been a favorite place for golfers for almost 100 years. You'll find newer "designer" courses popping up along with courses that have made a major contribution to the annals of golf history - [more]

Poconos Horseback Riding Horses, stables and riding in the Poconos - this site lists all of the stables in the Poconos where you can saddle up. Most outfits have 1-2 hour trips through beautiful natural settings. Several places qualify as ranches where you can do some extended riding and even spend the night, weekend or even the entire week - can you spell D-U-D-E R-A-N-C-H.. - [more]

Poconos Mountain Biking Mountain biking in the Poconos - One of the favorite things to do in the Poconos - suiteable for all skill levels. Several rails to trails systems. One is 25 miles long with a downgrade almost the whole way - suitable for just about anyone. - [more]

poconos-hiking Hiking and Nature Trails - Interestingly, the Poconos is home to this country's conservation movement. As a consequence, you'll find an extensive trail system. See waterfalls, vistas, and wildlife while you enjoy the tranquility of a vast landscape that can only be labeled "pristine" - [more]

poconos paintball Paintball Parks and Facilities in the Poconos - Paintball and the Poconos is a perfect union. Rugged and diverse terrain with underbrush and plenty of rocks to lay in wait. It's also a hunter's favorite for many of the same reasons. - [more]

poconos skateboarding Skateboarding in the Poconos - There are several skateboarding parks in the Poconos, here's a list of them and some places where you can get new wheels and replace that peeling grip tape. - [more]

inline skating in the Poconos Inline Skating in the Poconos - Find some of the favorite places people go to skate inline and some stores that have skates and accessories. - [more]

poconos tennis Tennis in the Poconos - For those who love tennis, you'll be please to know that most of the major resorts and hotels in the Poconos have tennis facilities right on property for you to use. Here are some tennis resources for you - [more]

poconos Water Skiing and Jet Skiing Water Skiing and Jet Skiing in the Poconos - Several of the larger lakes - and rivers - have facilities for water skiing and public boat ramps. Several of the major resorts offer water skiing as part of their vacation package - [more]

Poconos Ice Skating Poconos Ice Skating - Summer, winter and all year round, there are several indoor ice skating rinks for you to enjoy. In the winter, most ponds and lakes are frozen over, so don't forget your skates, read more about ice skating - [more]


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