Poconos Timeshare - sell, buy and rent vacation ownership

Timeshare property - also known as interval ownership - is available at many of the top resorts in the Poconos. You can buy or rent an existing unit at a fraction of the cost you would pay to stay at the resort as a registered guest - all the while enjoyi

Poconos Timeshare: Rent, Buy and Sell

Timeshare in the Poconos Mountains: timeshare sales, purchases, resale, and exchanges.

Because of the area's attractiveness no matter what time of year, many people have found the Poconos to be a great place to invest in a timeshare property.

The Pocono Mountain region is a sanctuary of scenic beauty, harboring breathtaking surroundings all year long.

The powerful landscape coupled with a serene atmosphere not only adds to the romantic lure, but has become a favorite family destination as well.

Along with being the perfect couples' getaway, the Pocono's also boast incredible family-friendly outdoor attractions and resorts.

In fact, the Pocono's are home to many wonderfully appointed resorts that cater to any type of vacation.


Poconos Timeshare - sell, buy and rent vacation ownership

Many of the area's most popular resorts feature timeshare property available for rental or purchase.

Properties vary in age and amenities - it is highly recommended you pay a visit prior to purchase of rent/exchange if at all possible. It's also advisable that you check out the many lodging review sites that let people who have stayed at the property share their experiences.

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