Planning Your Romantic Wedding in the Poconos

Everything you need to know about getting married in the Poconos: Info on planning a beautiful wedding, local resorts and attractions in this very romantic region of Pennsylvania.

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Weddings and getting married in Pennsylvania's romantic Pocono Mountains.

The Poconos: A beautiful setting for a beautiful wedding - it's a natural...

Surround yourselves with Mother Nature's beautiful scenery for a magnificent setting for your wedding.

Since romance and the Poconos go hand in hand, you'll find a variety of places here that can help you with your wedding plans. From large scale, elegant resorts, to smaller and more intimate settings.

No matter what size wedding you're planning, the Poconos is the place for staging a large wedding festivity or the perfect escape for the couple who wants to cast off convention and elope.

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Cove Poconos Resorts - all-inclusive packages

Obtaining the Pennsylvania State Marriage License

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Basic Requirements:

  • 1. The groom must be at least eighteen years old and single.
  • 2. The bride must be at least eighteen years old and single.
  • 3. If either party is under the age of eighteen, parental consent is required.

The Marriage License Both parties must apply in person at any Pennsylvania State Courthouse at least three business days prior to the wedding date, (the day of application is not included in the three day period). Photo identification (driver's license) must be provided. If previously divorced or widowed, the original divorce decree or death certificate must be submitted. Licenses may be picked up three days after the date of application (Monday through Friday), by the applicants or someone other than the applicants. The license is valid for sixty days and may only be used in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The cost for a license is approximately $40.00; however, the cost varies according to each courthouse.

The following information must be provided: * Birth certificate for both applicants * The birthplace of both applicants * The names and birthplace of both parents of the applicants * Both applicants will need to provide their mother's maiden name * Both applicants need to provide Social Security Number Cards

Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts - Romance awaits

Romantic Wedding Spots

Honeymoon Resorts: Cove Haven Cove Haven - The largest and most secluded of the All-Inclusive, Couples Only Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts. Situated on beautiful Lake Wallenpaupack. with romantic suites featuring Champagne and heart shaped whirlpool tubs for two: Is it any wonder they call it "the land of love"... Wedding and Honeymoon packages include free gifts, all activities, live evening entertainment, all you can eat breakfast and dinner and, of course, those erotic suites. - [more]


View pictures and descriptions of Cove Haven, click here: [more]

Pocono Palace - Grand Erotic Indulgence

Pocono Palace

This All-Inclusive, Couples Only Pocono Resort has a country club setting, golf course, lake and is situated near the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Areas - one of my favorite spot in the Poconos. In addition to the romantic suites offered at Cove Haven and Paradise Stream, Cove Haven Entertainment Pocono Palace features the exclusive Roman Towers - their ultimate triumph in romantic accommodations. Wedding and Honeymoon Packages include all activities, live evening entertainment, all you can eat breakfast and dinner and, of course, those erotic suites.

See why Pocono Palace is like a country club for lovers, click here: [more]

Paradise Stream - Total Renovation

Paradise Stream

This All-New, All-Inclusive, Couples Only Coven Haven Pocono Resort has been completely renovated. Dubbed the "most intimate" resort, it is the smallest of the three Coven Haven Entertainment Pocono Resorts. Its location in the "Heart of the Poconos" makes it close to most of the major attractions in the area. Take a close look at Diana's Oasis and the New Garden of Eden Apple suites - a best buy. Honeymoon and Wedding Packages include all activities, live evening entertainment, all you can eat breakfast and dinner and, of course, those erotic suites.

Discover the all-new Paradise Stream, click here: [more]

Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts - three to choose from

complete wedding packages are available at cove haven entertainment resorts

Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts is a collection of three separate resorts in the Poconos. They are couples-only, all-inclusive resorts that are listed just above - Cove Haven, Pocono Palace, and Paradise Stream. These resorts offer many amenities that you won't find anywhere else. From Champagne Glass whirlpool baths for two to round king sized beds, these suites are designed with fun loving couples. The packages are all-inclusive and include entertainment, recreation, breakfast (in bed if you wish) and dinners. Too much to list here, so...

Explore the four resorts know as Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts, click here: [more]

Other resorts offer wedding services - see our resorts page for more information.

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