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The Blue Fairy

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The Blue Haired Fairy

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List of Fairy Tail characters

Seeing Willem's battered body, Chtholly pleads with Elq to let her go back.

  • However, deep inside of her, she is just a little girl with a huge passion for stuffed puppets.

  • For this look, you do not need heavy makeup.

  • She most often wears her hair pulled back into a ponytail, and brown eyes.

Fairy Names and Meanings, Girls and Boys

Chtholly then collapses as a Timere attack begins on the recovery team on the surface.

  • Lastly, her sandals are gone and replaced with a pair of capri heels that are white on the bottom and sparkly pink socks that have two dark pink stripes on the top.

  • The Spear lacks significant speed, though the weapon itself is equipped with proper damage.

  • Now revived, he plots to build an army to take the Triforce.