Breweries and Brew Pubs in the Poconos

Guide to local breweries and brew pubs in the Poconos. Several options for viewing the beer-making process, tasting fresh hand-crafted beers, porters, ales, stout and other malt beverages.

Breweries and Brew Pubs

Poconos beer making, breweries and brew pubs open to the public.

Pennsylvania has a long history of brewing beer - many thanks to our early German and English immigrants. That tradition continues today, and a number of popular Pennsylvania breweries are located right here in the Poconos.

A recent beer-making niche is the "Brew Pub". Essentially, a Brew Pub is a small brewery - with all operation of beer making occurring on site. Added to the brewery operation is a restaurant, bar, and, usually, offers live entertainment for its patrons.


Breweries and Brew Pubs

Barley Creek Brewing CompanyBarley Creek Brewing Company
Sullivan Trail and Camelback Road
Tannersville, PA 18372
Labeled as "Awesome", Barley Creek offers authentic, hand crafted ales and lagers with a full menu of authentic pub fare and fine dining specials. Entertainment served up, as well as tours of the brewery.

While Pennsylvania has a fabled history with beer and beer making, it's laws regarding the purchase of beer is among the nation's most restrictive. Here's the scoop: you cannot purchase any alcoholic beverage in a supermarket; you can buy beer at a restaurant (a six pack to go), and wine and distilled beverages can only be bought at state controlled liquor stores.

Purchasing distillates on Sunday can be a problem.

These laws date back the days of prohibition and thereafter by the influence of Governor Gifford Pinchot during the 1930's.

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