Showtime at Stroudsburg's Sherman

The Sherman Theater is one of the oldest surviving buildings in the downtown district of Stroudsburg. Recent renovations have brought the Sherman state-of-the-art sound, seating and amenities while still preserving the classic look and feel of the 1920's.

Performances range from Rock and Roll, Karaoke, Favorites performers from classic bands such as Blue Oyster Cult, Stand-up Comic performances, Guitar, String Performances, and themed events like Pinocchio and Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA

It was a January in 1929 that the Sherman Theater raised the curtains for the very first time to the chords of the Star Spangled Banner. The theater continues as the ultimate show stage in Stroudsburg ever since.


The interior of the theater is a show by itself with chandeliers and columns and attractive shades of paint. It had something for everyone even then, with long cartoon shows and fairy tale adaptations into Christmas plays for the kids. Today, it's a venue where one gets to see the best in music, dance, drama and even stand-up comedy.


Some places have an unbreakable connection with history; Sherman Theater built in 1929 is probably the oldest building in Stroudsburg. The historic link doesn't end there; the theater has seen a cross section of what America defines as entertainment right from the nineteen twenties to the current age.

The location of the theater is itself connected to entertainment even two centuries ago. The mansion which stood there had vast grounds which played orchestras for special guests, says the pamphlet distributed at Sherman's inaugural night. The inaugural show featured organists, film show and a live performance by Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, now immortalized as cartoon characters. Matinees at noon and two evening shows were the routine. The pictures from the period show the beautiful interiors with shimmering chandeliers and decorated pillars.

Later, the theater was remodeled and became a movie house; also a center for popular entertainment. But the popularity soon went bust. Movies continued and the acceptance and show of all types of movies including adult ones made Sherman the center of controversy for some time. There was even a move to boycott the theater which was later resolved.

Sherman Theater has passed through eight decades of entertaining and several owners. There have been occasions when fire gutted a part of the theater and vandals looted her property. It has also faced threats of being closed down for financial reasons and being pulled down to accommodate other ostentatious structures. The rock shows, live performances and popular performances by theater groups have rescued the theater from financial disasters every now and then.

The theater has since been renovated and opened to the public in 2005 but the old charm lingers. A visitor can still sense the historic moments that the balcony of Sherman has witnessed through its age. The renovated Sherman Theater, equipped to host the biggest shows of today, now stands as a symbol of a glorious past and a hope-filled future, serving the cause of art and culture.

There is an Art Gallery which houses exhibitions by local artists. Auditions at the Live Theater give a lift to many a budding talent. In case you want to get a feel of culture at Sherman's they offer volunteering options for those over 18 years of age. There is a great eating place and a full bar on the premises as well. Check out this photo gallery to get an idea of what the place really looks like before you decide to peep in for a live show.

Along with a visit to Sherman you can combine the many attractions about town. Here is list for sight seeing options.

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Sherman Theater, whatever you may like about the place best, qualifies for nothing short of 'incredible'.

Sherman Theater
524 Main Street
Stroudsburg, PA 18360
(570) 420-2808