The Columns Museum - Pike County Historical Society, Milford, PA

The Columns Museum is maintained by the Pike County Historical Society whose mission is to maintain and perpetuate the historical legacy of Pike County through preservation, leadership, and education. The Columns Museum houses the artifacts, and records

The Columns Museum - Milford, PA

the columns museum in milford, pa

The Columns, the Neo-Greek Revival home and museum of the Pike County Historical Society, was built in the early 20th century as a summer and weekend estate for the New Jersey real estate dealer and Democratic politician, Dennis McLaughlin.

The 24 room house remained in the McLaughlin family until 1941.

The Pike County Historical Society was founded in 1930 and continues to function actively as a non-profit community group, and is the officially recognized county historical organization.


The Columns Museum

The mission of the Society is to maintain and perpetuate the historical legacy of Pike County, a mission achieved through preservation, leadership, and education.

Given that mission, the Society acquires, preserves, and protects the historical sites, artifacts, and records which pertain to the heritage and culture of Pike County. Further, it provides active leadership in the areas of historic preservation, historical/cultural education, and community initiatives and endeavors. Finally, the organization offers a wide range of programs and educational opportunities which foster an appreciation for the culture, heritage, and history of Pike County.

In 1946, the building, popularly known as the "White House," served as a boarding house which featured a tea room and two bars. It was also used briefly as a dancing school before it was acquired by local chapters of the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars in 1967. The building was sold to the Pike County Historical Society in 1983.

Located at The Columns, 608 Broad Street in Milford, Pennsylvania, the Society welcomes visitors to the museum during regularly scheduled hours, 1:00 to 4:00 p.m., on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Additional open hours and special tours may be arranged for groups wishing to visit the museum by calling 570-296-8126.

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