The Upper Mill and Lumberyard | Historic Treasure in Milford, PA

The Upper Mill and Lumberyard is located in Milford and brings together a first rate collection of shops, history and eatery. You'll also find regular evening entertainment and tours through this original Mill that dates back to 1804.

Welcome to the Upper Mill

The Upper Mill in Milford for shopping, eating and reveling.

If you're traveling through the Milford area of the Poconos, you'll probably want to stop off at the Upper Mill and Lumberyard - not to buy lumber, of course, but to step back in time to see how our early settlers harnessed water power to mill grain for bread and saw lumber for building.

This historic mill dates back to the early 1800's, and provides an up close look at how water-power was harnessed to mill flower and cut lumber. The mill works are still operational - a sight to be seen.

The Mill and surrounding buildings have taken on a fresh look with several boutique and antique shops, an upscale cafe, evening entertainment and bar.

There are regular tours of the mill, it's a sight to been seen.


The Upper Mill and Lumberyard

Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner at the Waterwheel Cafe with bar hours and entertainment every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 5pm.

Shopping boutiques and antiques are also in the area including Gifford and White.

150 Water Street
Milford, Pennsylvania 18337
(570) 296-2383

For a schedule of events taking place at the mill and to check out the tours offered, see this website: Tours of the Upper Mill.

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