Grey Towers - Conservation Legacy

Located in Milford, PA, Grey Towers is a stunning historic site that has been restored to it's original glory, is open to the public and played an important part of Pennsylvania and American history as well as the epicenter of the Modern Conservation Move

Grey Towers National Historic Site

Pinchot Grey Towers National Historic site in Milford PA

This renowned landmark in Milford, PA was the ancestral vacation home of the Pinchot family and the birthplace of the US Forest Service as well as America's Conservation movement.

Grey Towers is now owned and operated by the US Forest Service and is a national treasure that is open to the public throughout the year.

Grey Towers is educational: First, as home of the uber-wealthy Pinchot Family, it provides a lens into the lifestyle of turn of early American aristocracy.


Grey Towers National Historic Site

A young Gifford Pinchot, heir to the Pinchot Fortune, took his love of the surrounding forests and established a Department of Forestry at Yale University. This started an intellectual and scientific movement that gained the support of President Teddy Roosevelt, which in turn led to the creation of the US Forest Service.

Open daily, with nominal entrance fee, Grey Towers is an impressive architectural structure, surrounded by one of a kind grounds, a stunning waterfall, and more history and artifacts that can be taken in an appreciated in one visit.

One of the top places to visit in the Poconos - tours for 2013 begin May 25.

151 Grey Towers Drive P.O. Box 188
Milford, Pennsylvania 18337
(570) 296-9630

For a more detailed look at Grey Towers, check out the site from the US Forest Service.

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who pays for this?

Recently I toured the mansion and I asked a voulenteer about the dining room on the second floor, what it was used for and her reply was that sometimes the board members would have catered meals there. What I would like to know is how is this paid for and dose it involve tax revenue because of the forest service being involved. While I understand that the grounds are open to the public that also should be, if paid by the public.