The Carbon County Fair in Palmerton PA.

Going on strong for 14 years, the Carbon County Fair runs through the first week in August and offers Agricultural exhibits, amusements, rides, music and good old fashion fun for the whole family.

Welcome to the Carbon County Fair

The Carbon County Fair in Palmerton, PA offers rides, agricultural and music entertainment.

AUG 6 - 10, 2013 - Convenient location to Philadelphia and Allentown, the Carbon County Fairs celebrates its 10th year, and offers traditional livestock shows and exhibits, agricultural exhibits and demonstrations.

With a host of music and live band music as well as other performances, there's a whole host of entertainment at the Fair for all music tastes.

Enjoy rides and traditional amusements as well as classic entertainment like the demolition derby, monster trucks and fireworks displays.


Carbon County Fair

Perfect family fun - with children under 10 admitted for free. Daily magic shows and all sorts of animal exhibits - some familiar and others quite exotic.

A ton of entertainment venues of all sorts. Live bands and singers - including classic country and barber shop. Event in entertainment runs until 10:15 and ending with a dazzling fireworks show.

Auctions, Ride Specials, Livestock shows and more can be found at Carbon County Fair.


Carbon County Fair

Palmerton, Pennsylvania
(610) 826-1862

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