Attraction Guide - What to See in the Poconos

Guide to great attractions in the Poconos: Museums, Water Parks, Festivals and Fairs, Fun Centers, Historic Sites, mini-golf centers, State Parks, Animal Parks and Zoos and much more.

Poconos Attractions

Attractions in the Poconos - from Fairs and Festivals, Museums and Historic sites to fun centers, mini golf and water parks.

Find great things to see and do in the Poconos: You'll find lots of fun stuff to see while you're in the Poconos - indoors and out. Enjoy a day at the fair and see what the local farmers and 4H groups have been busy with.

How 'bout a balloon festival where you can soar into the heavens effortlessly and quietly.

The Poconos features a treasure trove of small museums that are a great way to spend a few hours and learn about the heritage of our county and how this region developed. Did you know the US Forest Service got it's start right here?

Need something a bit more exciting? Try your hand at mini-golf or slide down a refreshing chute of water at one of the water parks.


Attractions Guide to the Poconos

In addition to the natural beauty of the Poconos, there's lots to see and enjoy.

Enjoy summer fun at one of several water parks

Water Parks

Water Parks inside and out! Slip and slide at any one of several great water parks in the Poconos. A great place for kids and families to enjoy themselves to beat the summer heat or escape the winter chill - here is a listing of the parks:
water parks and resorts

A treat for the entire family: Enjoy a game of mini-golf

Mini Golf

The small things in life are a great thing to share, so why not visit one of the many mini-golf attractions in the Poconos and have some family fun. It's not just for kids either, keep score on each other and place a bet on the outcome:
mini golf courses

Pocono Fairs and Festivals - rides animals, food and fun

Fairs and Festivals

Nothing brings back memories - or creates them - like a trip to the carny. The rides and amusements are almost as interesting as the people who work them. See the bearded lady, the snake charmer or the two-headed chickens. Laugh until it hurts as you ride the Ferris wheel, Cyclone or bumper cars. Other fairs and festivals include ag-fairs and crafts and many others. For a full list you can view here:
fairs and festivals

 history  - grey towers in milford

History and Historic Sites

The Poconos played an important role in our Nation's development. Indian relics and artifacts can be found, early settlements of the area continue to bring controversy, the founding father of the US Forest Service and much more. There are several "towns" that re-create the life of early settlers and the coal mining era. There's a lot to see and learn about the...
history and historical sites

museums - columns museum in milford, pa


In addition to the historical sites and their accompanying museums, you'll find several other museums of interest in the Poconos. Wildlife centers, a fishing museum and others can be found in this section:

zoo and animal parks - pocono snake and animal farm

Zoo and Animal Parks

There are several private zoos in the Poconos that are open to the public. They provided a much needed home for many animals that were, at one time, neglected, injured or abandoned. They offer an educational and fun experience for children as well as adults. You don't have to go to Florida to see an alligator.
zoo and animal parks

Featured Attractions

Guide to all the fairs and festivals taking place in the Poconos. These include music festivals such as blues and jazz, film and art festivals, historic re-enactments, balloon festivals and many others. Fairs and Festivals - See our current list of upcoming fairs and festivals: Poconos Film Festival, Find Fairs and Festivals in the Poconos, Film Festivals, Balloon, Country Fairs, Agricultural, Crafts and many other types listed here - [more]

Fun Centers and other places to bring your kids for a great time in the Poconos. Many have go-karts and arcades along with refreshments. Fun Centers - Listing all of the Fun Centers in the Poconos - featuring rides, amusements and activities, o-carts, batting cages, mini-golf, driving ranges. Some even have elaborate water park activities - plan a birthday party!. - [more]

Historic sites - upper mill in milford Historic Sites - View many of the historic sites and important places located in the Poconos including: French-Indian War, Revolutionary War, Civil War, Industrial Revolution, colonial life, Native American sites and many other interesting things to see relating to historic nature. - [more]

Mini Golf in the Poconos Mini Golf - View various mini golf parks in the Poconos. - [more]

Museums in the Poconos Museums - The Poconos is rich in American Heritage and History. Many of the local historical societies maintain an impressive collection of museums - where a picture of our past is preserved for all generations. - [more]

Poconos Water Parks - now featuring awesome parks indoors and outdoors. Including: Camelbeach and Great Wolf Lodge Water Parks - The Poconos is home to several major water parks and have made a splash with many that rival the best. Choose from summertime favorites for the outdoors, or several indoor water parks you can enjoy all year long. - [more]

Zoos and Animal Parks in the Poconos Zoos and Animal Parks - See the Bear and Tiger who are best friends, Feed the llamas, View local native animals who are being nursed back to health. - [more]

Other Poconos Attractions

Sunset Hill Shooting Range
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