Paradise Stream Resort - Garden of Eden Apple Suite

This luxurious suite includes a private swimming pool right in your room and is the ultimate in privacy.

The Garden of Eden Apple is without windows and completely soundproof; combine that with the Bose lifestyle entertainment system, you'll be rockin' and rollin' into the night - without worrying about disturbing anyone.

One of the nicest aspects of this suite is its spaciousness. It's just a few steps from your private sauna to the pool to the fireplace to the Jacuzzi for two.

All-inclusive package rates for this suite, start at $350 per night per couple.

Paradise Stream Resort - Garden of Eden Apple Suite

Paradise Stream Resort - Garden of Eden Apple Suite

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Of course, if you do want to sweat it out, your private dry sauna will take any winter chill out of you.

The round king sized bed has a mirrored headboard, and faces a 36' TV and fireplace - not that you come here to watch television!

Then there is the famous heart-shaped Jacuzzi tub for two. This is no tiny tub. It's really comfortable - especially with the one you love in it with you.

The private pool room is right off the bedroom and is surrounded in imported Italian tile. The water is sparkling clear, and is heated into the 90's - the perfect temperature to splash around and not get a chill.

All-in-all, the Garden of Eden Apple is a fantastic suite. Many people prefer it to the Champagne Towers, and if you're staying for more than 3-4 days, you might want to try out both.

Enjoy the classic Heart-Shaped Jacuzzi for Two

The Garden of Eden Suite features the famous heart-shaped whirlpool bath for two.

heart-shaped whirlpool bath for two

Take a dip in your private swimming pool

Also featured at the Garden of Eden Apple suite at Paradise Stream is a private in-room swimming pool surrounded with imported Italian tile.

Plenty of room to frolic - starting at $350

All-inclusive packages with most meals, all activities, evening entertainment and a host of other offerings.


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