Paradise Stream Resort - Dining and Meals

Special attention is paid to the restaurant services at Paradise Stream. Perhaps it's because it is the most intimate resort and there are fewer distractions. Whatever the case, most agree that Paradise Stream has a reputation for having the best food

Dining and Meal at Paradise Stream

dining at Paradise Stream

All packages to Paradise Stream include all-you-can-eat breakfast and dinner.

In fact, you can order breakfast to your room at no charge and enjoy a relaxing time with breakfast in bed. A great way to start your day of romance and adventure.

The menu varies daily and is very much like what you'd expect on a cruise - except for the pitching and rolling.

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Paradise Stream Resort - Dining and Meals

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Since lunch is not included, I recommend you get the Breakfast in Bed option, and then make it down to the dining room before it closes at 11:00.

Seating is "family style". You will be seated with three other couples - a good way to make acquaintances. There are some private tables, be sure to inquire about them if you are interested.

All in all, I'd rate the food as good to very good with the service very friendly and attentive. Tipping is not required, since your package price includes a gratuity.

Breakfast and dinner are included...

All you can eat breakfast and dinner are included in your all-inclusive package at Caesars Paradise Stream

Dinner and Breakfast are included in your package

Including breakfast in bed - how romantic!

Free breakfast in bed is complimentary at Caesars Paradise Stream - how romantic

Enjoy Breakfast in your suite at Cove Haven Entertainment


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