Paradise Stream Resort - Champagne Towers by Cleopatra

The Champagne Towers by Cleopatra are the top-of-the-line suite offered at Paradise Stream. This romantic four-level suite features the famous 7-foot high Champagne Glass whirlpool for two, a private swimming pool, fireplace, dry sauna, steam bath fo

The Champagne Towers at Paradise Stream

Champagne Towers by Cleopatra - a room style at Paradise Stream

Recognized the world over, this signature suite - the Champagne Towers by Cleopatra - can only be found at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts.

The seven foot high, whirlpool bath for two is stepped into from the loft of this four level suite.

In addition to the Champagne Glass, this suite also features a heart-shaped swimming pool (which you can see in the photo to the right, a fireplace, sauna, massage table and a host of other features couples have come to enjoy.

Dramatic and absolutely bedazzling, this suite will live in your mind forever - and that's the idea :)

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The Champagne Towers - Paradise Stream

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Designed in an elegant Egyptian theme, this four level suite is center-pieced with a seven foot high 7-foot Champagne Glass whirlpool for two.

The round king-sized bed with lighted starlit ceiling (celestial ceiling) overlooks your own private swimming pool.

The glass-enclosed heart-shaped swimming pool is surrounded by imported tile and an impressive Egyptian mural.

Complimented with a log burning fireplace, two televisions, Bose Wave Radio, dry Sauna, massage room with heat lamp, shower/steam bath for two and a personal refrigerator.

All-inclusive package rates for this suite, start at $425 per night per couple.

Cozy up in your own private swimming pool

Heart-shaped private pool in your champagne towers suite is just part of the excitement.

private swimming pools

Sip the romance from your Champagne Glass Whirlpool for Two

The famous seven foot high Champagne Glass whirlpool bath for two also come with fireplace and is decorated in an Egyptian theme - Perfect for the Caesar or Cleopatra in your life.

Snuggle up in the bedroom loft - with celestial ceiling

Included in you all-inclusive package breakfast and dinner - including breakfast in bed if you like.

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