Spa Side Harbourette

The Spa-Side Harbourette is available on a limited basis at Cove Haven as it is their most basic room type and lacks many of the amenities couples look for when staying at Cove Haven.

When available, the all-inclusive package rates for this suite, start at $225 per night per couple.

The Spa Side Harbourette is available at Cove Haven only.

Cove Haven Resort - Spa Side Harbourette

Spa Side Harbourette Features

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  • Suite is a combination living room/bedroom
  • Round king-size bed
  • 20" remote control TV
  • Shower and bath combo
  • Individually controlled air conditioning/heating unit
  • Personal Refrigerator to keep things cool.


Cove Haven Resort
194 Lakeview Drive
Lakeview, PA 18438
(570) 226-4506