Entertainement at the Three Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts

Evening entertainment is included in your all-inclusive package at the Three Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts.

Most evenings, you can dance the night away to the sounds of professional singers and bands. You'll often find local comedians making the rounds on the resorts to hit your funny bone.

Big-Name Entertainment finds its way to Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts, too. Lewis Black, the Temptations, George Carlin and many others grace the stage on a regular basis.

Each resort has it's own nightclub and lounge for your evening entertainment.

Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts - Featured Entertainment

Entertainement at the Three Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts

Dance the night away, participate in special activities, enjoy the fun planned by the social directors, and even see magic performed before your very eyes.

All entertainment is included in your all-inclusive package. Cocktails, wine and other drinks are available for a nominal charge, but late night snacks and early evening hors d'oeuvres are complementary.

Entertainment at Cove Haven

Cove Haven Resort Entertainment

Cove Haven features a multi-level stage that comes alive at night with sizzling sounds and romantic melodies. The Lookout Lounge offers a romantic setting overlooking the lake where you can enjoy cocktails and a different atmosphere. During the week, enjoy planned social activities - Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts style.

Cove Haven, Lakeville, PA

Entertainment at Paradise Stream

paradise stream resort entertainment

Paradise Stream offers full evening entertainment in its Nightclub. You'll enjoy special planned activities by your hosts and masters of fun - the Social Directors. Enjoy comedy club entertainment, vocalists, and musicians all performing for you to romance the night away.

Paradise Stream, Mount Pocono, PA

Entertainment at Pocono Palace

Pocono Palace Resort Entertainment

Pocono Palace has a great nightclub that will jazz up your nights with the latest and greatest sounds of Jazz, Pop and Rock. Comedians and magicians also act to entertain and make your experience at Pocono Palace fun and romantic.

Pocono Palace, Marshalls Creek, PA

Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts
194 Lakeview Drive
Lakeville, PA 18438