Tips on How to Shop for a Hotel Room

Here are a few basic tips to help you shop for your hotel room - thus avoiding the proverbial "Train Wreck".Travel websites go to great lengths to make you think you're getting the best price. If you book through one of the major hotel booking engines, chances are pretty good that you will indeed pay more for that service. There are exceptions, but generally a small fee of 2 - 5% is added to your bill - usually in the "taxes" section.You would think that since most hotel booking sites get a nice commission from the hotel (10% or more), they'd be happy with that. But,let's face it,  if you can trick people into paying a bit more, why wouldn't you? After all, it is a business.Additionally, many sites charge your credit card up front when you book and make it difficult to find the right place to cancel your reservation once it has been made.

Hotel & Lodging Reservation Tips

Hotel Reservation Tips 

Embrace the Booking Engines...just make sure you don't get too close.

Think of booking engines as middle-men in the transaction between you (the consumer) and the hotel owner (the supplier). In this situation, its important to understand that the booking engine must add value to both you AND to the hotel.

Naturally, Hotels are reluctant to pay commissions. Commissions are expensive; but, Hotels know that if they don't play nice, they'll be sentenced to Internet Oblivion - ever wonder why you never see a Motel 6 pop up in your results?

The top sites such as PriceLine, Expedia, Orbitz and are very sophisticated pieces of software - they have to be, why else would we use them. But don't be surprised to learn that most results are "tweeked" and return data sets are are favorable to the sites owner. 

It's also common for booking sites to charge a cancellation fee - I've seen them as high as $25 on a reservation that was for just $63.

Remember, money you save on your hotel reservation is money saved you can spend elsewhere on your trip.

AAA is Your Friend
A yearly membership is about $50, but almost all major properties will give you a 10% discount on your stay - some blackout dates apply for some.