Foxwood Family Campground

Learn more about this family camping site located in the Delaware Water Gap near the Pocono Flea Market. Sites available for RVs and a few non-camping rental units are available at the Foxwood Campground in the Poconos.

Foxwood Family Campground

Foxwood Family Campground - Just North of the Delaware Water Gap

Foxwood takes their camping seriously and it shows in the attention to detail.

The campground has a well thought out pleasing layout, the facilities are well maintained and fresh coats of paint can be found everywhere.

What happens when you pay close attention to detail year after year? You build one of the Poconos most popular campgrounds with "happy campers" everywhere.

Foxwood is also into serious fun, too. Countless activities for members of the entire family. Ride the Fire Truck (It's a real one), get scratchy on a hay ride, tie-dye like its 1969, enter a fishing tournament, go fast and furious at the mini-car races and a whole bunch more.


Foxwood Family Campground

sites are available for 5th wheels, pop-ups, RVs, tent - seasonal and short termtake a ride on the fire truck at foxwood family campgroundsEveryone has their own idea of what campinig is - or isn't.

Some want to rough it in a tent, others seek creature comforts in massive Class A RVs that can cost more than most people's homes - and then there's most of us that find joy somewhere in between. 

What's nice about Foxwood is that they do a pretty good job satisfying just about everyone.

They even have a number of cabins and cottages available for rent for familes seeking the joys that go along with a familiy camping trip, but aren't interested in knowing what a hook-up is.

400 Mount Nebo Road
East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania 18301
(570) 421-1424

Weekend events going on right now:

  • Get Acquainted Weekend - April 19 - 21
  • Free Camping Weekend - April 26 - 28
  • Fiesta Weekend - May 3 - 5
  • Pamper Mom Weekend - May 10 - 12
  • Honor Those Who Serve - May 17 - 19
  • Memorial Day Weekend - May 24 - 27

For a complete list of events and activities for 2013, here's their calendar: Foxwood Campground

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Not Happy

Nasty! Save yourself the trip!


old pics

What a dump!! The pics on the site are at least ten years old. It is a place to abandoned your old camper and nothing more. Save you money.


Girlfriends weekend getaway

I traveled this weekend with my girlfriends. We save up all year for our Getaway, no husbands, no kids...we look forward to it all year! Upon our arrival at Foxwoods, we wondered why the place looked so empty. It didn't take very long to figure it out. The bathrooms were filthy and looked like they hadn't been cleaned in a long time. There was something growing on the faucets! We set up and headed to the pool - also empty. Upon our return to the campsite, we realized that there was a malfunction in the electric hookup for the site. A friend was shocked touching the electric pole, and I was shocked touching my camper! The only good thing I can say about this place, is that when we reported the incident, they immediately came up and hooked us up to a different electric pole. Later in the evening, we tried to relax by the campfire, but were interrupted by a group of unruly preteens, who sat at the playground across the street yelling rude things at us. We tried to tell them to go home, at which time they tried to tell us that their parents owned the campground. Regardless of where these obnoxious kids came from, it was obvious that the 10 pm curfew didn't apply to them. They were outside yelling at us until after 11. My word of advice: If you're thinking about visiting Foxwoods...DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently they look down on having fun there!



thanks for the comment was looking for a camp site, won't be looking at this one.


tent camping

Yeah thanx for the heads up. any one know a nice place for tent camping?