Countryside Family Campground is now the KOA Honesdale/Poconos

This active campground is a family favorite with plenty of activities and events to keep young family member busy and filled with great memories

Welcome to the KOA Honesdale/Poconos

Countryside Family Campground - now the KOA Honesdale Poconos

Formerly the Countryside Family Campground, this family favorite is situated near the town of Honedale in the northern part of the Poconos.

Offerings tent sites, RV and trailer sites, rentals, cabins and cottages - available by the day, week, month or season.

Open all year, the facilities include mini golf, heated pool and playground, rec hall, on-site trailer rentals, cabin and cottage rentals, propane, dumping and pump out.

Pavilion and group rates available for family reunions, picnics and parties.


KOA Honesdale/Poconos

1157 Bethany Turnpike
Honesdale, Pennsylvania 18431
(570) 253-0424
KOA Honesdale/Poconos

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Not what it used to be

This campground has gone way down hill!! We'd camped there for years before these new people bought the place and it was wonderful. Now we consider the place a tourist trap, they charge for absolutely everything! They claim to be family/child oriented, however if you want to participate, you better bring plenty of cash! They have added so many more sites the campers are lined up and crammed in like sardines. The sites are also a swampy, muddy mess and the bugs were unbelievable. Now with the economy what it is, many families with children are turning to camping as an inexpensive alternative to a family vacation. In our opinion Countryside is not the place to go!!


we agree with rosie

We whole hartedly agree... This campground appears nice, the owners seem accommodating, until they have your $$, then you will have the opportunity to see who really runs the place! The owners have many rules on paper, yet only enforce them for certain people, rules like speed limit, number of camping units per site, boat storage, fire ring capacity, cars per site, and noise are completely ignored for some! In addition, they've added so many sites that the campers are one on top of the other! The sites and roads are a muddy mess and the bugs are unbelievable. Some children are allowed to run amuck all day long, cutting through campsites, at the pool, playground, etc, The children do not wear bike helmets. Motorized scooters are raced through common areas by both children and adults alike! These new owners are all about money! They want a big quantity of campers to bring in the big bucks, yet they quality of their campground has hit the skids!


are u kidding me

Never been to a koa such as this. The gameroom is an old pool table. Air hockey anda couple of race games.the weekend activities for the kid's is discounted mini golf.the showers houses wasnt much better than your grandmothers outhouse. I could go on and on.bugs were terrible.theowners wife needs to take course in public relations.I guess you get the point.never again.....


Terrible.that's all I can say

Terrible.that's all I can say.just terrible.look before you pay.and beware of the wife.