The Inn at Hickory Run

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The Inn at Hickory Run

The Inn at Hickory Run - modern bed and breakfast

This property was designed and built by its owners to provide modern amenities and comforts using local building materials and the latest in technology.

A place for people to enjoy the local surrounding habitat - the five acre property is adjacent to the 15,000 acre state park Hickory Run.

Each room features Cable TV and DVD, premium sound, a fireplace, Internet, whirlpool tub for two and spacious bath facilities.


The Inn at Hickory Run

welcome sign to the inn at hickory runJust one look at the detail put into the sign at this Inn tells you everything you need to know about what's inside: well-maintained, attention to detail and something special is just up ahead...

Route 534 and Tribbles Lane RR 1 Box 82B
White Haven, Pennsylvania 18661
(732) 579-8686

See what's inside - here's their website: Inn at Hickory Run

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